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About Us


We mentor, train, and equip our student athletes from elementary through college. We provide them with a foundation support system that yields brotherhood, accountability, and ownership of their actions and decisions. By achieving this we are creating a more responsible and focused student athlete, which will result in better students, more responsible children, and highly disciplined athletes.


- CEO / Founder Travon Jones

T1 Sports Academy is unlike any other athletic training program in Central California. We offer state-of-the-art strength, speed, core, diet and “game day” training under the guidance of some of the most successful athletes to ever come out of the San Joaquin Valley. Our goal is to turn young men and women into not only the best athletes they can be, but also the best citizens they can be. We take pride in seeing our trained athletes land in the colleges of their choice, but we take even more pride in watching their success beyond the athletic field as they return to their communities and give back.

Who we are

What We Do

Our training methods borrow from old and new techniques. It is not unusual for our athletes to cut their body fat by ten percentage points while gaining significant muscle, shave three- tenths of a second off their 40-yard times and add more than 100 pounds to their total power lifts.We accomplish this by making the workouts incredibly intense but also fun and gratifying. All the while, we teach our young athletes about the importance of diet, homework and the right mental framework for success on and off the field. We have set ourselves apart from other training facilities by tracking the academic progress of our high school athletes. In addition, through an extensive nationwide network, we have the ability to contact top recruiting scouts and sports writers and enter our athletes into showcase events, creating national exposure to top college programs.


Success Stories


"T1 sports academy does not have regular workouts, it brings the best out of you and separates you from your average joe to be one of the best on the field. T1 teaches you to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations to get you to the next level"

-Charles Williams

Running back University of Nevada, Las vegas


"My experience with T1 was priceless. I got better with each repetition. Take as many as you can and you'll have no choice but to elevate your game"

-Zeandae Johnson

Defensive Lineman University of California, Berkeley


"Everybody wants to play football, everybody wants to be great, but not everyone takes the time to make that happen. T1 is the first step to reach the next level"

-Tyler Horton

Defensive back Boise state University


"At T1 sports academy, we are taught and trained to compete, compete, compete! tallest, shortest, fast, or slow. You compete to be number one. Back down to none"

-Dejonte O'Neal

Running back Fresno state University



“When you think about getting your total body impacted for the future then no one is better on the west coast than Travon. Kendall Milton is a fruit of his labor. Travon effects the mind, soul, and body. I think that Fresno community has a gem in Travon. He has a wealth of knowledge and has a passion for developing the youth of Fresno”

-Del McGee

Running back coach/ assistant head coach University of Georgia


"Our strength and conditioning program is no joke for a high school. So I think our kids are in good shape, but then Travon gets them, and an entirely different bar is set. The weight room and outdoor drills suddenly take on a new intensity. It's quite something to see. T1 takes our kids to a whole other level."

-Don Arax

 Head Football Coach Bullard High School

"There is no training facility like T1 Sports Academy in the Country, theres a reason why they put #1 in the name, it's the BEST."  

-Aaron Ingram

 USA Football VP / National recruiter